About me

Karl Perera

I got into astrophotography in the summer of 2020, after buying my first serious telescope. When I was at school I did have a small telescope but I couldn’t actually see much at all with that one! So, I guess I was always interested in astronomy.

I moved to Turkey many years ago then briefly returned to live in Cambridge. Now I am often in Turkey where the skies are ideal for stargazing.

After figuring out how to use my telescope (a Celestron 130SLT reflector) I decided to take pictures with my iPhone and my venture into astrophotography began.

I do have a science background before I entered the teaching profession. I studied Physics and Maths at A-Level and this comes in very handy in this hobby! I have even taught A Level Mathematics at Cambridge…

I’m just a normal guy like you who is amazed by the vastness of the Universe and fascinated by what we can see in our skies. I am still discovering what is there and learning how to take better images of space each time I go out with my telescope.

The purpose of this website, besides sharing my love of astrophotography, is to share my learning and experience with you so that if you take up your own journey into the hobby, what I have learned can help you progress faster and expand your understanding.

I know that when I was started there seemed an overwhelming amount to learn and even the basics were challenging. I couldn’t find targets or even focus!

As a teacher, I know how to explain, but in astrophotography, there is no choice but to be a student. We must study the workings of a telescope, understand photography, and how to process the photos we take afterward so that we build an image that pleases us. we also need to study the universe and space around us in order to understand what we are looking at.

My favourite things to photograph in the night sky include nebulae and galaxies and I’ve already taken some fantastic pictures of those! I am so excited to have done this.

So come on this journey with me and do contact me if you have any questions or if you want to collaborate with me. I’m always open to that and will be glad to answer your email!

Enjoy my website Astroimagery.com!

Please surf safely here and do check out my privacy policy.